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Habits are the reason for our success every day and can also be our downfall. They help free up our minds so we can make room for new more important activities. Many when they think of the word habit, they think of ticks that they want to break. Biting their nails or cracking their knuckles.  Yet, habits are so much more than that; it’s what goes off in your mind every morning to tell you to brush your teeth, check your phone, to grab your purse on the way out the door.  The habits that are also needed, are the ones that remind you to work out or drink your daily amount of water each day.  These tasks are what keep your days whole so that you can be more productive.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and 91 days to create a lifestyle.

How habits work

  • Cue/Trigger – The location, time of day, people around, and feelings associated
  • Routine – Actions that are in place daily (biting nails, cracking knuckles, waking up and brushing your teeth, checking your phone in the morning)
  • Reward – Pleasure that comes after doing activity that cues us to continue the habit

Identify, commit, action

It’s important to make sure you are creating the right habits and not just creating bad ones.

  • You can change your habits
  • Habits allow you to reach your goals faster
  • They allow you to take action without thinking when you have little motivation
  • They will allow you to be more productive as they help you get more done in less time
  • You know what to expect so you can accomplish more
  • Habits bring a sense of security. When you engage in the same habits and routine every day, the wonder of what to expect disappears
  • They make it easier to focus because you already know what your next step is going to be.
  • Reduces stress because you don’t have a never ending list waiting for you
  • It helps stop procrastination since you already know what needs to be done

Habits you should be putting into action today

  • Eat breakfast

    • Not only is eating breakfast good for your health and gets you going, it improves memory, boosts your energy, improves your mood and enhances concentration
  • Meditate

    • It helps lower stress levels and creates a more productive day. Allow your mind to focus on the task at hand.
  • Move your body

    • A good walk or run improves mental health. Teach your body that behavior matters and you can get healthy.
  • Journal & Daily Goals

    • Take 10-15 minutes to write down your goals for your day, and what you hope to accomplish.  Keep a planner out for you to reference throughout the day.
  • Be passionate

    • Spending time on a hobby or something you love makes you happy

Creating habits isn’t easy, but they are vital to our everyday lives. Leave me a note in the comments and tell me what your good habits are that keep your days motivated and productive. While you’re at it, let me know a bad habit that you’re working on breaking.

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  • Reply Kathryn

    I love that you’re writing about habits here! So many times, we convince ourselves that we are who we are, and we can’t change our habits. But we can if we just decide to be intentional about it! <3

    Loving your blog, Cadri!
    Kathryn recently posted…7 Morning Habits That Will Change Your LifeMy Profile

    April 15, 2017 at 12:06 PM
  • Reply Seppy

    Great post! Healthy habits are so important to help us navigate through life. I’ve been consistently adjusting mine so that I’m building healthy habits for life! It feels great when some stick (i.e. exercising) while others are a bit more challenging to implement consistently (i.e. meditating) but I’m working on it and focusing on the long-term benefits is an important reminder.


    October 22, 2017 at 6:45 PM
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