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How can you bring calmness and peace to a never ending stressful day? By doing what’s not always easy and practicing being present.

You get caught up in your day to day life and stop paying attention to the present moment.  You think about the past and what you can’t change and start to stress about the future and wish to get there faster. What should be done instead is practicing being present and reflecting on our current situation. Yet, it’s easy to get wrapped up with everything else and forget to just be present.

The key to solving being stuck in constant worry of the unknown, is to practice being present. You can do that by being mindful in your daily life.

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7 ways to practice being present through mindfulness.

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It is nearly impossible to continually be present as thoughts of the past and present will always be there. The more practice and mindful you become, the easier it will be more of your day is spent being present.

How do you get out of the loop and actually be present again? Here are some steps that I feel have helped.

1. Meditate

Meditation allows you to focus and clears your mind of clutter. This is a time for listening to what’s around you and feeling and being mindful your movements.  It allows you to remove your surroundings and learn to be aware of yourself.

2. Stop talking & listen

You’re having a conversation, but instead of listening and really taking in what the other person is saying, you’re already thinking of what you’re going to say. We want to move too fast. When in reality, taking a second to collect your thoughts when it’s your turn to talk is perfectly fine.  Focus on the person you are conversing with and reply with thought.

3. Be in your body

Feel the energy that overwhelms your body. Focus on your hand when you are doing a task and how it moves.  Be aware of how and why you are doing things a certain way with your body.  This can also be done with another person, feeling the way you touch and move across their body.

4. Mindful breathing

Like being mindful of your body, take the time to practice your breathing. Take a couple dozen breaths while focusing on inhaling and exhaling. You’ll feel calmer and be able to focus yourself on that moment.

5. Take your time

Rush rush rush. The feeling is all too familiar when you need to be out the door in less than 5 minutes. The stress rises and you suddenly can’t find our keys. Taking your time through your tasks and creating enough time to do things allows you to focus. Not only on yourself, but to be present in what you are doing. Instead of just going through the motions in a never ending loop.

Ever feel like your life is moving to fast? Don’t allow time to take over your life.

6. Break your routine

This also goes along with taking your time. You get into our movements and don’t realize what you are doing because it’s a habit.  You drive to work, but when you pull into your parking space you wonder, how did I get here? You no longer pay attention because you mindlessly doing the same routine. Change it up and break your routine. Take a new direction to work, come home and direct your attention to a new activity immediately before you sit down. As you do these new activities, be mindful of the task. You may even find a new positive habit.

7. Focus on what’s in front of you

Put down the phone and turn off your distractions. Be present in the room you are in and use your senses.  Focus on what you see, how the couch touches your body, what you smell and taste. Take a moment to reflect on what’s around you.

The past and the future takes our mind elsewhere and we are overwhelmed with anxiety of what we can’t change. Being present takes practice, but it’s worthwhile.

How do you take time to practice being present? Are there ways in your life we wish you would be more present? Let me know in the comments.

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    It makes things really helpful for you if you plan your day well and create the right atmosphere

    November 19, 2017 at 5:13 AM
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