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Raise your hand if you rely on your phone way more than you want to admit? I do! I have apps for almost everything.  There’s a million things to do in the day and sometimes having something to keep track of those things for you makes life just a little easier.  Below are some of my favorite apps on my phone that I use daily that I hope will help you too!  They save me time so I can be productive in other areas.


I wish I knew about Trello earlier. It’s a drag and drop interface and is great for managing to-do lists and business related projects.


Evernote is one of the best note taking apps.  It syncs all your notes on multiple platforms, so I can access it anywhere.


This app makes clearing out and keeping my inbox organized easy. I can filter out the millions of emails I get a day that are promotional or spam. Getting rid of all of them is easy as one swipe and then I can focus solely on the ones that are important.

Mint bills

I’m sure at one point you have heard of mint, the budgeting website.  This app keeps track of all your bills.  I can quickly have an overview of them at any moment.  It’s also the only application that I pay bills through. I don’t have to bounce back and forth on websites to pay. A few days ahead of the due date, I open mint and pay the bills from the app.  The good news, I also skip those terrible fees that come along with paying on some websites. My electric company charges $7 to pay online and they don’t take phone payments! I save $84 a year just by using mint bills.


I seriously don’t know how I have created a meal plan without this app. Yummly has saved me more than I count when I’m at a loss for dinner ideas. It will pull up recipes  for what you’re craving or you can just scroll the front page for new meals.  Every Sunday I pull Yummly up and plan dinner for the week.  It also had an add to list button for each recipe so you can go grocery shopping with it right on your phone.

Baby connect

For my moms out there, this is by far my favorite baby application to keep track of my babies life. It does cost 4.99 but it’s been worth it. I used it 4 years ago on my first and now again this time around. It remembers everything for me.  Including what side I last breastfed from, how long she’s been awake to make sure she’s getting her naps in according to her awake times.  It also grows with her, so we can log table food, potty training, and so much more. I’ll never use another baby app again.

What are your favorite apps? If you have used any of the above, let me know what your favorite feature on them!


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