Hey there, I’m Cadri. It’s nice to meet you.


Most days you can find me under blankets on the couch with my children on my lap and coffee in my hand. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend of 7 years.  I’m a mom of a 4 year old who runs me wild and a brand new baby that keeps me grounded – literally.  I’m a paper planner type of girl, Netflix binge watcher, and lover of rainy days and white chocolate mocha.

I’m here to help you plan for a better tomorrow. I have always had a passion to write and share my thoughts. I want to be able to do that by helping others find their passions and find what drives them to be who they are. What I hope to do by blogging is to provide insight and inspire those that need it.

All those things that matter the most to you? Let’s achieve them.

Let’s Plan Our Tomorrow is aimed to help those that feel overwhelmed and can at times feel lost. Those that need self-care in their life. I am here to help you improve your life from your mind and into your home. It’s all connected.

Some things you’ll find here

  • Mindfulness and Self Improvement
  • Personal growth & development
  • Self Care
  • Ways to a more productive life
  • Planning your days
  • A little bit of motherhood
  • & More

January 3, 2017