We have the chance to either have a good day or a bad day. We need to wake up without the thought that something is going to ruin it. The good days leave feeling refreshed and the bad days feeling drained. The best way to have a good day is setting yourself up for success. Complete the most important things first as they set you up for the rest of the day.

1. Wake up before everyone else

The most productive time of the day for me is in the morning, and in order to get that precious time in, I wake up early.  I have to wake up before everyone else so that I have the quiet time so I can concentrate.  This also means I’m in a much better mood by the time everyone wakes up because I’m already refreshed and have had my coffee.

2. Breakfast for everyone

Since you are already up before everyone else, go ahead and sit down for breakfast and set the table for the kids. Nothing slowed me down more than when I was rushing around trying to get ready and also needing to feed the little ones.

3. Get off to a great start

Plan for a good day. The good thing about mornings are you know they are coming.  So if you follow my night routine here, you should already be waking up refreshed and ready to start the day. Get to bed on time, and know what’s planned.  This leads me into my next step..

4. Review your to-do list

See what the day has planned for you and start right away. Prioritize by working on the bleeding artery first.  Start on the task that is important and needs to be done right away.  Not only is it important, but it should advance a goal that you have. Plan each activity for a certain time frame and limit yourself to 25 minute blocks with 5 minute breaks for the most productive outcome.

5. Do 10 minutes of cardio – more if you can fit it in

Cardio, it’s healthy for the body and mind. Nothing gets you more motivated and ready to start your day than getting your heart pumping.  I have Jillian Michael DVD’s set up and ready to go every morning for 20-30 minute workouts.

6. Pack the bags

Prepare your purse, diaper bag, and anything else that needs to be ready to walk out the door with you.

7. Leave 15 minutes early

Plan to leave 15 minutes earlier than you need to, and stick to it.  With kids, anything can pop up walking out that door. When you know you aren’t going to be late, it takes the pressure off and really helps with being able to rationalize with the little people that run our lives.  And when they are happy, we are happy!

You get to decide every day whether it’s going to be a productive day, or just another one you move all your to-do’s to the next day.  Implementing this routine will get you off to a great morning.  Let me know in the comments what routines you have in the morning and if this one has helped you!  Don’t forget to get your free weekly checklist to track your progress and head over to my night routine here.

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