How often do you find yourself not accomplishing anything for yourself before bed? You run around finishing up that last pile of laundry, the dishes, and picking up the living room. Yet you have forgotten about yourself. I’ve been there too, but one of the best things I decided to do for myself was take time for me. Those last few moments from when you’re child’s head hits the pillow to yours is major for your sanity. Creating a consistent night routine is important.

When you make your self-care a priority, you’ll find the time. If you get to the bottom of this list and say, there’s no way I could do all of that; start with 2 or 3. Then move up to 4 or 5 until you can make the time to set a consistent routine for yourself every night. Those last few hours set you up for your nights rest. which leads into the next days productivity. Are you willing to sacrifice your health and sanity for a few dishes? I’m not.  You can also view my morning routine, here.

Rest & Self-Care are extremely important and it will make your days fuller and rested.

7 Steps to a consistent night routine letsplanourtomorrow.com

Remove Make-up and/or moisturize

This is a step that I’m guilty of skipping. Some nights it seems impossible to take the time and I end up hitting my pillow with a face full of makeup. This is terrible for our skin and I’ve taken a step to be better at this because when I do it, I feel so much better. Even if you don’t wear make up, taking the time to moisturize keeps our skin healthy. As you work this into your routine, I encourage you to go further and add in a few more steps like a mask once a week.

Brush & Floss

I swear, I’m not your dentist or even a dentist for that matter, but don’t tell me it doesn’t feel good to have clean teeth! I know how hard it is to get that last brush in before bed when everyone is running around busy. Don’t make it just for yourself; incorporate it in your routine with the little ones before their bedtime. It gets this task out of the way so you can come back to yourself afterward.


Your legs, your arms, and your back all need it. Running around picking up toys and moving around all day puts a strain on the body. I’m not saying to do a full cardio work out, though, that’s a good idea too. Take a few minutes to do a few stretches – five minutes worth.

Preset your Coffeemaker

Take a task off your morning routine by presetting your coffeemaker to start in the morning. I actually set an alarm on my phone for this one because coffee is my favorite thing in the morning. I’ve been there with a baby and a 4 year old wanting something and all I can think about is a hot cup of coffee, please!

Review Planner & To-Do List

You’ll hear me say this over and over again in my posts, a planner, whether it is a paper planner or on your phone, is a must. I have an Inkwell Press Planner that I schedule out about 20 minutes on a Sunday to plan for the week. Then at least 10 minutes daily to update my To-Do’s for the next day. Doing this makes my days go by smoother, as I already know what to expect.

Lay out Clothes for tomorrow

Pajamas, oh how I love staying in my pajamas all day. Yet, that leads to an unproductive day. I notice a drastic change in what I can get done for the day when I take a few minutes to change my pants.

30 Minute Reading

I recommend anything for reading, even if it’s an article on your phone as you’re scrolling Facebook. I don’t mean those quizzes. Actual reading to stimulate your mind and you learn something or feel something. Grab a book for self-improvement or productivity, or a book that’s been sitting on your shelf or on your kindle for the last few months begging to be read.

“When you make your self-care a priority, you’ll find the time.”

This is what relaxes and DE-stresses me and I hope it helps you as much as it has me. If you have your own night routine, what differs from this one? What do you enjoy about it? I hope you’re getting some time to yourself every night and you can put in incorporate some of the above into what you’re already doing.
Don’t forget to subscribe to get the free checklist that you can print out and keep tabs. I would even recommend laminating it if you can and putting it in our calendar to move from week to week.
Check out my morning routine, here.

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